Francis Kamita

Hi there,

I am the friendly and charming face that will welcome you to Nairobi on behalf of Peaks & Safaris at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

I love our country and the best part about that is that I can share it with you.

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My Story

When I think about my story at Peaks & Safaris, I can't help but hang on to the word Resilience, in the overall story of the company.


I joined the company as a messenger, running errands and serving in all areas that needed attention. Given how the company was managed, I realized that the only barrier between me and my dreams of success in the tourism industry was self-development.


With this realization, I work observed, asked questions, took classes, was mentored, researched, and took risks. It paid off! Today I am an airport representative at Peaks & Safaris Ltd. I receive guests, like you, and drive them to the hotels. I also take our clients out on city excursions and when they are ready to leave, I do airport transfers from the hotel to the airport.

I love my job and would not trade it for anything! The one thing I can urge you is this: If you are considering a holiday destination in Kenya or the larger East Africa, look no further than Peaks & Safaris.


If you would like to know more about Peaks & Safaris, you can read what other clients are saying about us, and you can also reach out to me.