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Jonas Gejke 

Hi there,

I am the founder of Peaks & Safaris.

Every time I behold the beauty in Africa, the awe in my eyes makes me want to share it with the world. That is why Peaks & Safaris came alive.

To get you to visit this gem of the world tucked into East Africa.

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My Story

If I was to wind back the hands of time, I would not change a thing I have done.


Everything about my travel to East Africa so many years ago is a culmination of success and an inexhaustible source of joy. Partnering with fellow countrymen who saw the magic in Africa's flora and fauna, the awesome team at Peaks & Safaris, and the incredible relationships and networks I have had with clients experiencing the African scene. All of it - whether intentional, accidental, or consequential, I wouldn't trade it for anything!

I founded Peaks & Safaris to facilitate unique travel experiences for people around the world and so many years later, I feel honored to have a team that captured the vision, owned it, and is running with it with new adventures and discoveries to add to our portfolio.


The Safari packages at Peaks & Safaris are not crafted behind a desk, they were designed by the team as we traveled around Kenya and Tanzania. Through the treacherous roads up and down the mountain peaks, in the parks, as we watched hunts, and by the beaches as the African Sunset met the waters of the Indian Ocean.

If you are indeed thinking of a return trip to East Africa or you want to make a maiden trip here, let Peaks & Safaris be your only consideration for that experience of a lifetime.


Let me craft for you a memorable safari. An experience that will leave you as awed as I have been by Africa.