Susan Wamui

Hi there,

Welcome to Peaks & Safaris. We inspire your travel dreams and then translate them into reality!

I am a travel enthusiast and nature lover passionate about creating great memories for travelers touring East Africa.

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My Story

Currently, I work as an Office Manager and Customer Relations Executive at Peaks & Safaris. Chances are that we will e-meet even before you arrive for your safari. I work to help you have the ideal itinerary for your Safari, Trekking, or Beach holiday.


It's a job I love for one simple reason, it gives me the opportunity to meet new people and create memories for them.


In the overall GRIP story of Peaks & Safaris, I take my place in the P. I am working not just for the current needs, but also for the future. After more than 10 years in the industry, I have seen what responsible tourism calls for from each person. Being a responsible tourist means that you will do everything you can to let the animals have a clean environment free from litter. It means that the communities we visit or whose villages we pass through are positively impacted by our visits.

Beyond making sure that your safari, courtesy of Peaks & Safaris is an experience to share with others, I have taken a strong lead in helping the company engage in Sustainable tourism because Paying it Forward is the only way to actively preserve and sustain the future of tours and travel.


Book your next Safari with us. That way, you will be contributing to Sustainable Tourism in Africa.