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Trekking Mt. Kenya & Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mount Kenya & Mount Kilimanjaro are East Africa’s highest and second highest mountains, respectively.


Despite their location in the tropics and near the equator, both mountains are endowed with magnificent snow-capped peaks.

Peaks and Safaris organizes successful safaris and mountain treks for Mount Kenya & Kilimanjaro targeting:

  • Point Lenana at 4.985 Metres above sea level on Mt. Kenya

  • Point Kibo at 5.895 metres above sea level on Mt. Kilimanjaro.


There are three main routes which penetrate the forest and moorland, the routes are

  • Naromoru

  • Sirimon

  • Chogoria

Each route has something different to offer.


The fastest route to point Lenana. It is often overcrowded with many climbers since it's the most popular route

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The most scenic and interesting of the three main routes on the mountain. The route passes the enchanting Hall Tarns and looks down sheer cliffs into the spectacular Gorges Valley and onto the beautiful Lake Michaelson.


The least used of the three main routes, but features the most gradual ascent profile and best acclimatization options and above all the most interesting since its on the drier side on the mountain. 

Mt. Kilimanjaro


Over 20,000 people go trekking on Mt. Kilimanjaro every year

but only half of them reach the summit.

Everybody says you need no experience to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

So we give you the best options for this lifetime experience!


-  Also known as cocacola route. With mountain hut based accommodation, generally seen as the easier way as the distance is shorter and gets traffic due to accommodation type and lack of wilderness.


Remote and beautiful, but long and expensive, this route also approaches Kilimanjaro across the Shira plateau.Ideal for those who place a premium on proper altitude acclimatisation.The route has high success rates


Taking you through tropical mountain forest, heather zones and eventually to the apline desert this route has breath taking scenery on each day of your climb


The easiest route up Kilimanjaro. Camping based accomodation. It has a reputation as a remote wilderness trail. The only route to approach Kilimanjaro from the north.Possibilities of wildlife viewing and an extra day to aid acclimatization. 

.......Did you know while climbing the mountain you go through several temperate climates in just a few days?


Be ready with lots of layers and pack lightly for all seasons.


Before leaving, test that you can actually wear your clothes over each other.


Cotton fabrics are not advisable , instead go for wicking fabrics for all your clothing and under garments.

Click here for your Trekking packing guide/ list

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